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Concrete & Block Paving Sealer

Concrete & Block Paving Sealer

Concrete & Block Paving Sealer is a silk/satin version of our biggest selling product, Block Paving & Concrete Sealer SP which has been used by the trade to seal the nation's driveways, paths and patios, car parks, etc., here in the UK for many years. Designed both as a block paving sealant and also as a printed or plain concrete sealant. Ideal as both a driveway sealer and a path and patio sealer and can also be used on light commercial projects.

Concrete & Block Paving Sealer Concrete & Block Paving Sealer - before Concrete & Block Paving Sealer - after Concrete & Block Paving Sealer 20 Litres Concrete & Block Paving Sealer 5 Litres Concrete & Block Paving Sealer Label

AdSeal Super

AdSeal Concrete & Block Paving Sealant

This is our Silk/satin version of our biggest selling product AdSeal Concrete & Block Paving Sealer, which has been used by the trade, under our own and a variety of ‘own name labels’ for more than 15 years, for sealing the nation’s driveways, paving, car parks, forecourts, pedestrian walkways, etc.

A ready-to-use, budget sensitive high solids, professional grade, clear sealant suitable for application by sprayer, brush or roller, which penetrates well into the surface leaving an attractive sheen.

Specially designed and formulated as a block paving sealant and concrete sealer to provide resistance to staining plus improved impact and abrasion resistance to protect the paving keeping it looking better for longer on domestic installations.

Imparts an attractive sheen when used as a Block Paving sealer and Pattern Imprinted Concrete sealer

[For sealing clay paviors, stone, slate, travertine, terracotta, etc., we recommend the use of our specially designed AdSeal Stone & Slate Proector]

[For heavy duty commercial work we recommend our AdSeal HD]


  • Single component which spreads easier and dries quicker for better faster installation
  • Excellent resistance to rain spotting
  • Especially suitable where a lower gloss finish is required
  • 100% UVA and Fade resistant
  • Increased impact and abrasion resistance potentially prolonging working life and reducing ‘whole life’ cost
  • High ‘resin only’ solids content [we do NOT use fillers, thickeners or extenders]
  • Stops staining and stabilises sand joints in block paving
  • Excellent coverage – 5 – 7 m2 per coat per litre
  • ‘Colour Charge’ tints and pigments for a tinted or coloured finish
  • Early use on new, dry, block paving helps prevent efflorescence [white powdery staining]
  • Supplied in 20ltr UN containers

The Professionals Choice because:

  • User friendly and simple to apply
  • Special spreading and levelling additives make achieving an even, uniform coating a straightforward task
  • Its increased abrasion and impact resistance ensure it last longer
  • It has early resistance to both moisture contact and tyre plucks
  • Plus excellent adhesion properties
  • All of which ensure a superior finished project with few, if any, calls backs [snagging].
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