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How to Start a Cleaning Business

Rapid growth

Cleaning in general, and particularly driveway cleaning & sealing is one of, if not
the fastest growing business in the UK in spite of both the recession & the hose
pipe ban

Recession & hosepipe ban proof

In the recession many people are not moving house and so spending some
money on affordable improvements such as refurbishing their external paving 
BUT, if they have to move the Estate Agents recommend refurbishing external
paving to improve Kerbside appeal'. It's a win-win situation.

Did you know that, according to a spokesman for the water authorities any small
business, whose livelihood depend on using a hosepipe, can continue working in
spite of the ban. If you are in a hosepipe ban are it is bonus time as ther will be
no DIY cleaning and sealing they need you to do it or them.

Starting Up

It is not difficult to start a new cleaning business as long as you know what
to do and where to get the information, which is where we can help with our
comprehensive training and support


It is best NOT to buy any equipment until you know exactly what you need and to
do that we would recommend you attend a one/two day workshop where you can
explore exactly what your aims and objectives are which will allow you to buy the
best and most cost effective equipment to suit you.

Paperwork & registrations

There is not a lot to worry about here if you use a standard system such as the
one our Approved Installers use. Basically everything s combined into a couple of
straightforward pads, one for quoting and taking orders and a second which acts
as an invoice and customer satisfaction note. It is that simple.

With regards to whether you need to register for Vat or the Environment agency
the best way is to attend a workshop or training day as these are easily explained
face to face and we can give you advice on what, if anything, you need to do
based on your personal circumstances.

How do you get the work?

Well again that really is straight forward as we have a tried and tested system to
ensure you get up and running very, very quickly.

We explain the differences between marketing and sales, how to get the
enquiries, how to approach a customer, how to measure and price up in fact

everything you need to know to be successful what you need to put in is
hard work & determination and if you do then you are on the road to financial
independence very quickly indeed.


How to do the work & the Tricks of the Trade'

The second day of our Approved Installer course covers all the practical
aspects of exactly what to do and how to do it. Much of it is hands on' and our
experienced trainers will let you into all the Trade secrets.

Complete package

So if you are looking for a simple, comprehensive and affordable way of getting
started - and one where you can avoid the potential pitfall why not get in touch
for a no obligation discussion about our training and support options you have
nothing to lose and a lot to gain.