Block Paving Clean and Seal

Block paving looks superb when new but time can quickly fade the finish. Paving can also become stained, or weeds and algae can grow in the joints.

Restore and protect your paved driveways, patios, and paths with AdsealContracts. Their trained and registered installer will professionally refurbish your paving, remove weeds, moss, and stains – bringing back the colour and vitality of your block pavers.

AdsealContracts can also protect and preserve restored or new block paving with the application of a high quality sealant. This is done to repel stains and prevent colour fading, keeping maintenance to a minimum and increasing the lifespan of your block paving.

The Process

AdsealContracts will first clean and remove stains from your block paving and treat the surface in order to remove any weeds, moss, or algae. The joints will be repacked and the surface sealed to preserve the paving.

Specific actions and products used in the treatment of Block Paving include:

  • Adseal’s environmentally friendly oil and stain remover used to remove stains, including heavy oil stains
  • Treat surface with Adseal’s long-lasting weed, moss, and algae killer
  • Remove dirt and grime with a professional flat surface power cleaner
  • Make needed and contracted repairs
  • Repack joints with sterilized jointing sand
  • Seal block paving with two coats Adseal Block Paving Sealer

Your block paving driveway, patio, or path will look great for years to come!