protecting stone from lichen and algae with sealer

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I have a terrace of indian sandstone which has developed terrible black spot lichen everywhere. I have pressure hosed off as much as possible but cant get it all off. If I could keep it like it is that would be ok even tho some spots remain.
Would your Stone and Slate Protector prevent the regrowth of the lichens and algae.

Yes applying sealer to the surface will stop the algae and lichen from being able to take hold on the paving (it may form on the surface but it will be easy to wash off/treat), if the algae does come back (if there are a lot of trees in you area) it can be treated with our moss and algae remover which you just spray on to the paving and leave to do its thing.

Stone & Slate Protector (SSP)

Moss & Algae Remover (MOSS)

Drew Palin

Cleaning up after using Adseal Gloss finish

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Neville Kitching

Can I use water to clean brushes after application on a kitchen floor. Or is there a specific brush cleaner?

Personally I just use inexpensive brushes and dispose of after use.

To clean any equipment after using our solvent based sealer you will need to use our Solvent.
Drew Palin