Decking & Wood Treatment

Wood decking is an extremely popular option in the UK. When new it looks great and can add great value to any space. However in the UK’s damp climate decking can deteriorate, fade quickly, and become a slippery hazard with moss and algae growth.

You can restore and protect your decking with a professional cleaning. Using the right supplies and professional equipment, AdSealContracts trained technician will remove dirt, moss, algae, and stains from your decking without marking the wood.  Our service will restore colour and vitality to this investment and provide low-maintenance protection for many years.

The Process

When treating and restoring your wood decking it is important that it looks great, is protected from the elements such as rain and sun damage, and that it is safe for future use.

Specific actions and products used in treating your wood decking include:

  • Careful treatment with Adseal’s long-lasting weed and fungicidal wash to remove and protect the wood decking from weeds, algae and moss.

  • Cleaning the wood with professional low pressure equipment to remove dirt, moss, algae, and other stains without marking the wood.

  • Apply AdSeal Sealer to enhance wood colour and protect the decking surface

The sealer is available in clear or a range of colours to meet your decorating needs. Depending on the decks location and use, a low slip additive may be recommended. Once the wood decking has been restored, treated, and sealed it will look wonderful and reduce future maintenance.