Domestic & Commercial Work

AdSealContracts professionals provide a complete cleaning and sealing service for all sizes of projects, from homeowners to large industrial assignments. We do free site visits and supply free, no obligation, and written quotes, for all aspects of paving refurbishment.

Our professional cleaning equipment quickly and safely removes dirt, grime, and surface growth from paving, without damaging surfaces. We also use an environmentally friendly weed and fungicidal killer to get rid of, and help reduce the reoccurrence of, weeds, moss, and algae.

AdSealContract professionals also use an eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaner to remove oil and other stains from your paving surfaces.

In order to protect your investment AdSealContract will recommend one of Adseal’s specialized sealers. The type of sealer will depend on what type of surface you have. These sealers are designed to protect and preserve your paving investment from staining and fading. Using the right sealant product will make future maintenance easier, and will actually increase the life of your paving.

AdSealContracts professionals clean and seal domestic and commercial surfaces such as:

  1. Block paving
  2. Clay pavers
  3. Concrete (Plain, Imprinted, and Exposed Aggregate)
  4. Tarmac/Asphalt
  5. Natural Stone
  6. Reconstituted/Heritage Stone (Engineered Stone)
  7. Pre-Cast Concrete Slabs
  8. Crazy Paving
  9. York Stone, sandstone, limestone, and more
  10. Decking or wood surfaces

The areas currently covered by AdSealContracts professionals include:

  1. Manchester
  2. Lancashire
  3. Cheshire
  4. Wigan
  5. Bolton
  6. Warrington
  7. Eccles