How to change the colour of imprinted concrete

This is a straightforward process and can be easily achieved by anyone using the following steps.

There are 2 websites you will need to access, this one and Adseal colours

The basic process is to strip off the existing sealer, apply a base coat of Solid Stain in your chosen colour (which will completely obliterate the previous colour) and, when dry, apply Translucent Enhancer to give the antiquing effect.

Step 1  Strip off the existing sealer

To do this you can either use Solvent stripper or eco-acid which is a more expensive but an environmentally friendly product (not yet on our website but give us a call on 01204 523973 for further details)

Step 2 Apply your chosen colours

There are two products, one for the base colour and one for the antiquing effect,  for example on a York stone effect imprinted paving you may use a buff colour as the base coat and a mid-grey or brown as the antiquing effect to give darker areas in the joints etc

For the base colour you need to use our Newlook Solid Stain  which will completely change the background colour. You will find a colour chart and all the details of coverage application instructions etc on the Adseal Colours website. You will need a special ‘Flag-tip’ brush to apply the stain (also from Adseal Colours website)

Step 3 Reseal your recoloured paving

You can use either an eco-friendly water-based sealer WB 34 available from the Adseal Colours website or a long established solvent based product called Block paving and Imprinted concrete sealer SP from this website.

It’s that simple.

We hope this brief information has proved useful but strongly advise that, before starting, you read the Technical Data sheets, Safety Data sheets and application instructions available on the website.

If you have any queries or questions please contact our technical help team on (01204) 523973