Installation Service

As you are choosing from the best sealants available, it is important to select the best installers available in your area.

AdsealContract is a group of professional contractors who offer excellent quality installations combined with traditional (old-fashioned) service and value for your money.

These experts are fully trained in the choice and installation of resin sealers. They use only Adseal products, which come from the UKs leading independent manufacturer. These contractors have voluntarily agreed to conform to a rigorous Code of Practice in their daily work.

To find an installer in your area search our map of registered installers.

The Adseal Service – Preparation

Adseal Registered Installers use specialized equipment and techniques for preparing and cleaning ALL types of paving. Our services include:

  1. Cleaning block paving
  2. Cleaning imprinted concrete
  3. Cleaning paving slabs
  4. Cleaning stone and slate
  5. Driveway cleaning
  6. Paving cleaning
  7. Tarmac cleaning
  8. Decking and woodwork cleaning
  9. Commercial cleaning, etc

Preparation of the surface is always of paramount importance but particularly important when cleaning block paving. It is important that no more than 12mm (1/2″) of the jointing sand is removed, and that the jet doesn’t dig under the blocks. If either of these things occur it can permanently unseat the blocks.

Following a visit to your home our trained professionals will accurately assess what work is required including any necessary repairs and calculate an accurate price for your specific paving needs to ensure you get excellent value for money. Repairs may be undertaken by our Registered Installers or they will recommend an approved repair person.

The Adseal Service – Sealing

Once your surface is cleaned it is important to seal and protect your investment See Benefits of Sealing. Adseal Registered Installers are trained in both the choice of sealant and their application for:

  1. Sealing block paving
  2. Sealing and recolouring Imprinted Concrete
  3. Driveway sealing
  4. Sealing stone and slate
  5. Patio sealing
  6. Tarmac sealing and recolouring
  7. Sealing Commercial projects, etc

Once your driveway or paving is professionally cleaned and sealed it will:

  1. Look better and last longer
  2. Help reduce the growth of weed, moss, and algae
  3. Minimise future colour fade
  4. Stains and dirt will just wash away
  5. Reduce repair and maintenance costs over the extended lifetime of your surface
  6. The surface will last longer with a protective coating

AdSeal Registered Installers are fully trained experts. Our professionals:

  1. Are trained by experienced fitters in all practical aspects of installation
  2. Are trained by qualified surveyors and engineers on products
  3. Are trained in the use of’s finest products
  4. Work under an agreed upon Code of Practice (Which covers working practices and on-site behavior.) ensuring quality and customer satisfaction
  5. Are fully insured local installers with national backup
  6. Have quality reputations in your area
  7. Have technical support from a nationally recognised manufacturer, if needed

To maintain and protect your investment choose an AdsealContracts professional to clean, repair, and seal your block paving, imprinted concrete, driveway, paving, stone, slate, slabs, tarmac, or decking.

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