Internal Flooring

The current treind is for slate, travertine and natural stones to be laid as flooring in kitchens,
conservatories, etc; these surfaces can be difficult to clean and maintain.

Stone is very porous so anything that falls on it, food, milk, etc., is absorbed into its capillaries, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Spill red wine, fruit juice, etc., and it is virtually impossible to remove unless the surface has been sealed. Having your stone surface professionally cleaned and sealed will enhance the beauty and protect the investment of your natural or engineered stone.

The Process

Whether you have a natural product such as sandstone, limestone, travertine, marble, or granite – or you have one of the “manmade” stone products that are engineered with natural stone fragments and resins – your stone surfaces will look better and last longer if they are cleaned and sealed professionally and be easier to maintain and hygenic.

Specific actions and products used to treat your stone surfaces include:

  • Remove stains from the stone with Adseal’s environmentally friendly degreaser and stain remover
  • Use a professional steam cleaner to remove dirt and grime
  • If needed we repair damaged or missing joint filling as appropriate
  • AdSeal Sealer is then applied (choice of 4 finishes: invisible, matt colour enhancer, satin or gloss)

The AdSeal Sealer will make the stone surface resistant to oil, water, wine, grease, and more. This will protect your investment and will ensure ongoing hygiene and ease of maintenance.