Tarmac Restoration

Unlike imprinted concrete, block paving, and many types of natural stone – tarmac can be a relatively inexpensive surface to lay. Tarmac surfaces are made up of various sized stones (aggregate) that are bound together by the tar or bitumen. Eventually the tarmac will deteriorate with use and exposure to the elements. This can cause colour fading, an uneven surface, and even allow the stones to break free of the tar.

AdSealContract can restore the look of your tarmac and protect it from future wear with Adseal’s Tarmac Restorer. We use this red or black tarmac product to restore colour to the surface and create a new looking driveway. Adseal Tarmac Restorer will also help prevent further loosening of the aggregate. It provides a protective coating and UV filter that will minimize future degradation and extend the life of your paving.

The Process

This professional service allows for minor repairs to be done on your driveway surface, ultimately transforming the overall look of the tarmac while increasing durability.

Specific actions and products used in restoring your tarmac surface include:

  • Use Adseal’s environmentally friendly cleaner and degreaser to treat heavy stains

  • If needed, use a weed killer and fungicidal wash to remove weeds, algae, and moss

  • Remove dirt, grime, and loose stones with a professional flat surface cleaner

  • Remove loose tarmac chips

  • Complete any needed, small repairs

  • Apply red or black AdSeal Tarmac protection (minimum two coats)

Restoration and sealing of tarmac, block paving, imprinted concrete, or other hard surfaces will restore the original surface color, inhibit the growth of weeds, moss, and algae, and decrease future maintenance. Sealing these products will keep your paved surfaces looking great. They will last longer and save you money on replacement and maintenance. Having properly sealed surfaces will also increase safety.