Stone Cleaning & Protection

Cleaning and protective treatments for all types of stone surfaces is a specialty at AdSealContract. Whether it is natural stone (sandstone, travertine, etc) or reconstituted stone (heritage flags, statuary, etc.) these surfaces can be difficult to clean and maintain.

Porous stones retain a lot of water, making it the perfect breeding ground for moss and algae growth. This can make the surface very slippery. Dirt and grime can also scratch or mar stone surfaces. Having your stone surface professionally cleaned and sealed will enhance the beauty and protect the investment of your natural or engineered stone.

The Process

Whether you have a natural product such as sandstone, limestone, travertine, marble, or granite – or you have one of the “manmade” stone products that are engineered with natural stone fragments and resins – your stone surfaces will look better and last longer if they are cleaned and sealed professionally.

Specific actions and products used to treat your stone surfaces include:

  1. Remove stains from the stone with Adseal’s environmentally friendly degreaser and stain remover
  2. Treat the stone with Adseal’s long-lasting weed killer and fungicidal wash to remove and protect the surface from weeds, algae, and moss
  3. Use a professional flat surface cleaner to remove dirt and grime
  4. If needed we repair damaged or missing joint filling with Adseal’s ‘Magic’ joint  material
  5. AdSeal Sealer is then applied (choice of 3 finishes: invisible, matt colour enhancer, or glossy)

When cleaning your stone our specially designed rotary head cleaner will gently remove the dirt, grime and pollutants from the surface. Our ‘Magic’ joint filling compound is specially made so that it won’t stain the surrounding paving and it will dry within minutes, allowing the surface to be sealed the same day. The stone is then sealed with your choice of finish. The AdSeal Sealer will make the stone surface resistant to oil, water, wine, grease, and more. This will protect your investment and make ongoing maintenance much easier.