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Adtint Colour Charge
When resealing why not blend in those faded or chipped areas by adding Colour Charge. Choose the darkest colour used on the paving when installed, usually the joints. Choose the colour from our
Airless Sprayer
A professional airless sprayer designed for the contractor who wants a high quality finish combined with speed of application
Compact Sprayer
An ideal starter sprayer for the contractor or for the DIYer. Gives excellent results and is easy to use. Comes complete with instructions.
Installation Kit
Installation Kit that is ideal for that one-off project or for the DIY enthusiast.  
Application Brush
The NewLook Applicator Brush is an industrial-grade, flag-tipped brush used to install NewLook’s concrete colour stains.
Low Slip Granules
AdGrip Low-Slip Granules is a hard wearing low-slip additive combining a wide range of particulate size. Be prepared and avoid that accident. Both you and your clients can fulfil their duty of
Magic Sand
No more mixing wet mortar - No more cement stains - No more pointing the joints in paving. Just mix one tub of our Magic Sand liquid with one bag of kiln dried sand (you supply the sand) - brush
Matting Agent
Simply mix AdMat Matting Additive thoroughly into your chosen resin. 1 tub is sufficient for a low sheen in a 25litre pail of resin. For a matt finish you will require two tubs of matting agent.
Moss & Algae Remover
Almost a miracle product. Simply spray onto the green surface of the paving and leave. It takes a couple of days to work but, in our experience, generally kills it all and, what is more, stays on
Solvent Re-Emulsifier
Adseal Solvent Re-emulsifier is a pure, highly effective, solvent and emulsifier. Use to clean tools and equipment. An excellent re-emulsifier for all our solvent based resins. In the event of
SolStrip is a pure highly effective solvent and re-emulsifier, designed to strip off many solvent based resins
Bound Stone Overlay - Resin Packs
Adseal bound stone overlay resin and stone packs. Natural looking decorative overlay resembling a traditional gravel driveway without the mess of loose stones