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Cleaning and Preparation

Preparation is the most critical step in any decorative concrete installation process. We repeat: preparation is critical. That’s why we have invested so much into researching and developing the highest quality solutions used to clean and prepare your concrete. Using Adseal and NewLook’s preparation solutions will enable you to remove most any coating, dirt, grease or foreign substance that could inhibit the penetration of our decorative coatings and their bond with concrete. However, the performance of decorative coatings is dependent upon the condition of the concrete so effort should be made to ensure that your concrete is suitable.

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Ecostrip Pro Coating Remover
The Ecostrip Pro Coating Remover is an environmentally friendly easy to use Professional grade coating remover. This new strong faster acting stripper will remove all sealers including
Moss & Algae Remover
Almost a miracle product. Simply spray onto the green surface of the paving and leave. It takes a couple of days to work but, in our experience, generally kills it all and, what is more, stays on
Surface Cleaner, Degreaser and Oil Remover
Economical, effective cleaner that removes grease, oil, adhesive, floor polish, transmission fluid, release agent and other foreign substances from concrete, masonry and many other surfaces.
Eco Acid
A safe water based alternative to acids Prepares concrete by lightly washing and gently opening the pores in preparation for staining
QuickEtch Concrete Etching Solution
Water-based, biodegradable concrete etching gel specifically designed to aggressively profile the surfaces of both green (fresh) and mature concrete
Green Klean Concrete & Mortar Dissolver
Concrete and mortar dissolver. Advanced formula prepares for easy rinse off with hose. Green, non-fuming, eco-friendly alternative to harsh acids
Graf-X Graffiti Cleaner
Excellent biodegradable graffiti remover for paint, sealer, lacquer, latex, and varnish remover.
Efflock Efflorescence Remover
Remove efflorescence from concrete walls and masonry with our fast acting water-based remover. Use Efflock admixture or topical treatment to prevent