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Colouring and Staining

Maintaining the image of concrete has never been easier than with Adseal & Newlook’s family of architectural concrete stains. They are water-based, non-reactive and are used to restore old, tired-looking and faded concrete or to add exciting effects, logos, etc. Use NewLook’s opaque premium SOLID stains to achieve sustainability and fix common concrete colour problems like discoloured, blotchy or stained concrete, wrong colours, failed acid-stain, faded integral colour and more!

Our family of revolutionary concrete stains provide endless possibilities in colouring and faux finishing concrete



Endura Solid Stain
Use Endura Solid Stain to stain concrete, restore faded concrete or maintain concrete. Endura Solid Stain is affordable while being premium in quality & performance.
Solid Colour Stain
Colour, recolour and decorate your concrete. Completely covers blemishes and discolouration. An eco-friendly water based stain and NOT a paint. Special offer 50% off while stocks last.
Translucent Concrete Colour Enhancers
Special offer 75% off while stocks last! Antiquing effect on imprinted concrete or restores exposed aggregate. Vibrant and natural looking tint allowing underlying tones to shine through
Smart Colour Stain
Restore, decorate and revitalise concrete and masonry. A water-based nano-acrylic decorative concrete stain where your imagination is the only limit
WallStain™ Solid & Translucent
Non-yellowing wall stain colours, seal and protects concrete masonry. Available in solid and a translucent formulas - see Tech Datasheet
Endura CoolStain
Infrared reflective stain completely covers concrete discolorations leaving natural looking finish. Reduces treated concrete surface temperature by up to 10°C
Endura Faux Fusion
Endura faux fusion is an eco friendly alternative to acid etching without the harmful chemicals or use to refurbish printed concrete even on existing sealed surfaces
NewDeck with CoolStain Technology
Deck & wood stain. Infra-red technology reduces fading and surface temperature. Ready to use concentrate or dilute with water for translucent effects
Application Brush
The NewLook Applicator Brush is an industrial-grade, flag-tipped brush used to install NewLook’s concrete colour stains.