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Services for sealing, cleaning and repairing driveways and paving

If you are using the best Sealants available then you may also want to use the best installers in your area.

AdSeal is a group of like minded contractors whose aim is to offer excellent quality installations combined with traditional (old fashioned) service and value for money.

As well as being experts in their own right they have been fully trained in the choice and installation of resin sealers, use only brand leading products from AdSeal the UKs leading independent
manufacturer and have voluntarily agreed to conform to a rigorous Code of Practice in their daily work.

The AdSeal Service - Preparation

AdsealContarcts Approved Installers use specialist equipment and techniques for preparing and
cleaning ALL types of paving including:

  • Cleaning block paving
  • Cleaning imprinted concrete
  • Cleaning paving slabs
  • Cleaning stone & slate
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Paving cleaning
  • Tarmac cleaning
  • etc

This is particularly important with block paving cleaning as care needs to be taken not to remove more than 12mm (1/2") of the jointing sand or to dig in below the blocks with a jet as either of
these could result in permanent de-seating of the blocks.

With their experience combined with a visit to your home, our Approved Installers can accurately assess driveway cleaning prices for all types of paving to ensure you get excellent value for money.

And if any driveway repair is required many of our Approved Installers can undertake these or recommend someone who can.

The AdSeal Service - Sealing

Approved installers are also trained in both the choice of sealers and their application procedures for:

  • Sealing block paving
  • Sealing Imprinted concrete
  • Driveway sealing
  • Sealing stone & slate
  • Patio sealing
  • Tarmac sealing & recolouring
  • etc

and when you have your driveway or paving cleaned & sealed professionally it will

  • look better
  • last longer
  • reduce maintenance
  • & reduce repair & maintenance costs over its extended lifetime look better


AdSeal approved installers are fully trained experts.

  • trained by experienced fitters in all practical aspects of installation
  • trained by qualified surveyor and engineers in product knowledge
  • use only the finest products
  • and work to an agreed Code of Practice (covering working practices and on-site behavior) to ensure quality & satisfaction
  • fully insured local installers with national backup
  • keen to build on their quality reputations in your area
  • in receipt of any required technical support from a nationally recognised manufacturer

So if you are looking for a first class installation service,

for cleaning block paving or imprinted concrete, driveway cleaning, paving cleaning, and for
driveway sealing, including sealing block paving, imprinted concrete, stone, slate, slabs or tarmac –
in fact almost any surface - then

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