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Water Based Sealer Gloss

Water Based Sealer Gloss

34% solids water-based nano-acrylic hybrid, high sheen sealer for concrete and masonry. Quick drying with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance

WB-34 Sealer Label WB-34 Sealer 5 Litres WB-34 Sealer 15 Litres Driveway Sealed With Water Based WB-34 Sealer

Water Based Sealer Gloss - Eco-friendly

For most porous surfaces- block paving printed concrete stone masonry, rendering etc.- Eco Friendly high Sheen Sealer provides a very durable, protective barrier against water, oil, grease stains, etc., on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and imparts a high sheen.  

Developed by our own design team, this amazing product can be used on most porous surfaces and its ultra low odour makes it ideal for internal work as well as external.

The Adseal Water Based Sealer Gloss proprietary water-based, nano-acrylic formula dries quickly and creates a very strong, protective, blush resistant film. Once cured, Adseal WB-34 has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance; it also resists hot-tyres, rain, UV, most common household chemicals, oil and grease. Use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A Proven Commercial Product

A proven product already used on major projects and is ideal for use on

  • Driveways, car parks, paths, etc
  • Block paving, Imprinted Concrete etc.
  • Natural Stone and Slate
  • Masonry and rendering
  • Wall and Floor surfaces
  • Stairs, terraces, pedestrian walkways


Very hard wearing with excellent longevity, which, with correct maintenance and depending upon surface type, potentially indefinite. Externally potentially 4 – 6 years before recoating, depending upon surface type. Can subsequently be recoated without the need to strip.


Sweep regularly to remove abrasive dirt and grit from surface and mop or hose regularly using Adseal Orange degreaser diluted as per instructions in clean water. Adseal Orange degreaser can be hand applied undiluted to heavy stains. Spills and marks should be wiped up/cleaned off and not allowed to dry on. 
Eco Acid