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Commercial Products


In addition to our well known domestic and light industrial products we also manufacture a wide range of commercial products. These products [with the exception of Anti Graffiti & Anti Chewing Gum] are based on tried and tested epoxy technology affording excellent performance at exceptional value for money.

Epoxy coatings, screeds and line marking

Solvent based or solvent free coatings and screeds available in a range of colours having good abrasion and chemical resistance; ideal for floors, walls and line marking. An easily cleaned product that can be used in production areas, breweries, food and chemical processing areas.
Available with slip resistant finishes.

Anti graffiti & anti chewing gum coatings [invisible]

Clear, invisible and non yellowing coatings which prevent penetration of graffiti or chewing gum into the surface making removal a quick and straightforward operation.

Low slip & water proof coatings for car park decks, footbridges, etc..

Our Traffic Deck membrane is a lightweight, liquid applied, anti skid, flexible coating. Designed to act as a fully waterproof but highly abrasion resistant surface membrane it protects against moisture and chloride attack.
Our intermediate deck sealer is designed to protect and impart an attractive finish to the surface of the concrete.

Epoxy repair & expansion joint systems for concrete

We supply two grades of epoxy mortar: a lightweight grade for vertical and overhead work where its non slumping characteristics are desirable plus a general grade for repairs to all spalled or damaged concrete and as a general adhesive
Our expansion joint system is a 2 part pourable grade epoxy, easy to mix, good self levelling properties and can be poured directly into horizontal joints

Decorative slip resistant coatings and overlays

Based on our standard epoxy screed system our decorative system incorporates a wide range of coloured fine aggregates to give an attractive decorative finish and impart excellent low slip properties. Used in production and food processing areas where a both performance and a decorative finish are important.

Tactile and Decorative imprintable overlays

An imprintable epoxy system providing a closed in, impervious surface that is extremely hard wearing and impervious. Can be printed with a wide range of standard tactile or decorative patterns.