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Solid Colour Stain

Solid Colour Stain

Colour, recolour and decorate your concrete. Completely covers blemishes and discolouration. An eco-friendly water based stain and NOT a paint.

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Packaging for Solid Colour Stain for Concrete Example of Solid Colour Stain for Concrete Path Example of Solid Colour Stain for Concrete Poolside Example of Solid Colour Stain for Concrete Colour Chart for Solid Colour Stain for Concrete Terrace Example Solid Colour Stain for Concrete

NewLook® Solid Colour Stain (for existing concrete)

NewLook® Solid Colour Stain™ is an opaque water-based, premium quality concrete colour stain used to restore [or change the colour of] previously coloured surfaces. Also to rejuvenate old, tired-looking concrete by completely covering discolorations or stains, for matching new to old concrete, and much more.

Since 1989 this non acid, non toxic concrete colour maintenance system has been refined and perfected over millions of square metres. A water based Non Acid stain that penetrates the surface of porous concrete, staining to almost any desired colour with a tenacious bond – no stripping, flaking or peeling & no solvent smells – and will even recolour dark to light. Please look at the gallery for a few examples. None of the mess associated with reactive acid etching and unlike acid, Solid Colour Stain colours are totally predictable and replicable. Logos are also easy and accurate to install as are complex patterns, borders, etc..

NewLook® Solid colour Stains offer a decorative and interesting alternative to plain grey concrete and is far more cost effective than overlays, screeds or most other finishes. It is ideal for interior floors, architectural design projects, civic buildings, shopping areas and any projects requiring a coloured, decorative floor area with hard wearing properties.

Colour Hardener

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The ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain is a unique 4-part kit of pure magic that, once mixed and applied, has an extremely tenacious bond with the substrate. It’s not a difficult product to mix and install, it’s simply different than what you may be familiar with. For additional images of the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, visit the Photo Gallery. Read the respective Technical Information Sheet for more information.
Small 4 ounce test size 4 part kit covers approx 3 to 5m²
Large 32 ounce standard size 4 part kit covers approx 15 to 30m²