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Efflock Efflorescence Remover

Efflock Efflorescence Remover

Remove efflorescence from concrete walls and masonry with our fast acting water-based remover. Use Efflock admixture or topical treatment to prevent

Remove Efflorescence & Keep it From Coming Back

A fast-acting, water-based cleaner used to remove efflorescence from existing concrete and masonry surfaces. Efflock Efflorescence Remover attacks sodium chloride deposits (efflorescence) to make it easier to clean off. Use before treating concrete and masonry with EffLock Topical Treatment.

How to fix the problem

If efflorescence is the dandruff of concrete then NewLook’s EffLock Remover is the Selsun Blue™ you need to remove it! Permanently.
EffLock is a revolutionary product system that prevents and completely eliminates both primary and secondary efflorescence in concrete and masonry mixtures. Guaranteed. The water-based, eco-friendly formula permanently reacts with and binds concrete chemical impurities at the nano-molecular level to prevent the leaching of efflorescent salt, resulting in enhanced concrete performance.

What makes Efflock the solution for you…

  • Ready-to Use Solution
  • Removes efflorescence
  • Strong etching properties
  • Safe for metals & equipment
  • Use before EffLock Topical Treatment
  • Works with pre-cast, brick, block, pavers, stucco & more!

Coverage & Packaging

Available in 32 ounce spray bottles and 1 US gallon containers. 
Covers approximately 18 m² per gallon depending on surface texture
Eco Acid