Eco Acid

Eco Acid

A safe water based alternative to acids Prepares concrete by lightly washing and gently opening the pores in preparation for staining

Block Paving Cleaned with Eco Acid Eco Acid 5 Litres Eco Acid 15 Litres Eco Acid 1 Litre Spray
A water-based, non-corrosive exfoliating cleanser.  It is a safer, non-fuming alternative to harsh acids, that does not require neutralization.  EcoAcid is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and safely prepares most surfaces by lightly washing and gently opening up the pores for effective staining with NewLook concrete stains or other penetrating coatings.  Use on all newly cured concrete.  Will not kill vegetation when pressure washed from surface.

Available in 5 and 15 litre containers.

Treats up to 5m2 per litre.

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