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Airless Sprayer
A professional airless sprayer designed for the contractor who wants a high quality finish combined with speed of application
Concrete & Block Paving Sealer
Concrete & Block Paving Sealer is a silk/satin version of our biggest selling product, Block Paving & Concrete Sealer SP which has been used by the trade to seal the nation's driveways,
Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP
AdSeal Block Paving and Concrete Sealer SP works equally well for sealing block paving, slabs or imprinted concrete. The sealer is easy to apply by brush, roller or spray, and because it is
Compact Sprayer
An ideal starter sprayer for the contractor or for the DIYer. Gives excellent results and is easy to use. Comes complete with instructions.
Resin Bound Stone Sealer
Specifically designed for safe use on Resin Bound/Bonded Stone but will also be perfect for any Epoxy based flooring, it will not have any adverse effects on the Epoxy like solvent-based sealer can
Installation Kit
Installation Kit that is ideal for that one-off project or for the DIY enthusiast.  
Stone & Slate Protector
AdSeal Stone Protector has been uniquely designed to give outstanding results on natural materials such as Stone, Slate, Travetine, Terracotta, and even Clay. A highly cost-effective product with
Green Klean Concrete & Mortar Dissolver
Concrete and mortar dissolver. Advanced formula prepares for easy rinse off with hose. Green, non-fuming, eco-friendly alternative to harsh acids
Heavy Duty Sealer
AdSeal Heavy Duty is the next step up the performance ladder, back in 2006 we listened to our customers and designed Adseal Heavy Duty to fill a price/performance gap in the market. You told us
High Gloss PU
A revolutionary modified hybrid polyurethane. A single pack formula is the easy to use alternative to two-part products. Hi Gloss PU combines the durability and elasticity of a polyurethane with
Low Slip Granules
AdGrip Low-Slip Granules is a hard wearing low-slip additive combining a wide range of particulate size. Be prepared and avoid that accident. Both you and your clients can fulfil their duty of
Tarmac Restorer
AdSeal Tarmac Restorer, also known as tarmac sealer, tarmac restorer, tarmac paint and asphalt sealer, is available in Black. It is a dual Action tarmac restorer and tarmac sealer. At last a