Imprinted Concrete Refurbishment

Is your pattern imprinted concrete surface in need of re-sealing or re-colouring? Contact AdsealContract for a professional refurbishment of your patterned imprinted concrete driveways, paths, and patios.

Imprinted concrete is very tough and needs less maintenance than block paving. It’s a great choice when choosing a new driveway or patio surface. However, in order to maintain and protect your imprinted concrete it should be resealed every two or three years. This is done in order to protect the concrete.

Sealers will eventually wear off and this will allow the surface to wear and lose its original colour. Bare concrete will begin to show through and the surface can be damaged. If this happens the repair process can be more difficult and much more expensive. Routine re-sealing of your imprinted concrete will protect your investment.

AdsealContracts Registered Installers can also change the colour of your imprinted concrete as part of the sealing process. We are the only company in the UK that can even change a darker concrete colour to a lighter one!

The Process

Refurbishing imprinted concrete includes a thorough cleaning and stain removal. Once any minor repairs are made the surface is then recoloured, if needed or wanted, and sealed. Our imprinted concrete sealer will restore the original look of your concrete in a satin or high gloss finish. The specific process for treating your imprinted concrete includes:

  1. Remove any heavy oil or other stains with Adseal’s environmentally friendly oil and stain remover
  2. Clean the surface with a high powered, professional flat surface cleaner to remove dirt & grime
  3. Make any needed small repairs
  4. Re-colour the concrete if desired or needed
  5. Apply two coats of AdSeal Imprinted Concrete Sealer (choice of decorative sheen or high gloss)
  6. Imprinted concrete can be slippery when recently sealed, AdsealContract professionals will always apply an invisible low-slip additive for your safety and convenience