Granite patio impregnator

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Charlie McNicoll

I had a garden patio recently laid with granite slabs.
I want to prevent staining, grease, oil, ink etc but do not want a surface sealer, I need an impregnating sealer that will not require frequent relaying.
I was recommended Advanced HD sealant , but your web site says it gives a surface sheen and I do not want any change to the natural granite appearance.
What would you recommend and can you provide a sample to try on a small area?

Unfortunately what you are asking for, the sealer not to show but last a long time, is kind of an either or situation. Invisible sealers such as you are asking for are more like a stain guard rather than a sealer and as such offers little to no protecting agains wear, so needs regular re-coating, a sealer on the other hand will last years before needing re-coating but will leave a finish to the surface.

I think your best bet might be to try the Water based matt sealer (link below) this will offer the longevity you want with minimal change to the appearance when the stone is dry.

Drew Palin